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Privacy statement

Intermobilitas Ltd. takes care that the personal - and privacy data on the webpage www.Schadeautos.nl are carefully processed and sticks to the conditions which the law of the privacy protection has established.

Intermobilitas Ltd. can use these information only for own commercial aims within the framework of its vast services. The personal details and privacy data can't be granted without prior notice, to the third parties. Intermobilitas Ltd. uses a number of security procedures to exclude an access for fixing and tracing the personal details, identity and privacy. These regulations are made to prevent unauthorized persons getting examination in these data. All temporarily cookies used by www.Schadeautos.nl contain no personal details and are exclusively applied to simplify access to the Internet site. Intermobilitas Ltd. preserves the right to modify this privacy statement if considering it necessary. All possible modifications in the privacy statement can be found back without extra indication on the webpage of Intermobilitas Ltd. You are obliged to read these carefully for keeping yourself fully informed about the conditions of this privacy statement.

The records of the general visitors data and viewed vehicles and/or pages on the site of www.Schadeautos.nl will be used to keep the customer service on a high level. Intermobilitas Ltd. is allowed to share general data with third parties with source indication www.Schadeautos.nl only.

Any questions about this privacy statement have to be sent in writing to the emailaddress stated below.

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