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damaged OVERIGE  € 6.250

Wielart Auto's

Wisselseweg 74

8162 RN Epe


t(elephone): 0617242740

e(mail): wielartautos@gmail.com

i(nternet): www.autosenonderdelen.com

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 Model: Cushman XD 4x4

 Fuel: Diesel

 Power: 16  KW

 Engine capacity: 1007  cc

 Transmission: Automatic Transmission

  ERD / Month: 2014 / 6

 Mileage: 1.001  KM

  Sales price nl: € 6.250

  Net export price: € 6.250

  V.A.T. / Margin: V.A.T.

 Colour: Blue

 Varnish: Metallic

 Commercial licence: Yes

 Body: Suv

 Number of doors: 2

 Details: Registration papers available


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T(ELEPHONE): 0617242740 E(MAIL): wielartautos@gmail.com

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Overige Overige 6250